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Nicholson (Contracts) is a division of E. Nicholson and Sons (Metals) Ltd.

Nicholson’s are now a third generation family run business operating throughout Scotland and the North of England. We provide a range of demolition and waste management services that cater to both public and private sectors which includes demolition and site clearance, skip hire, recycling, metal processing and the production of reusable aggregates and soils.

Currently we are the only licensed ELV (End of Life Vehicles) site in Glasgow north whereby we process redundant vehicles and issue Certificates of Destruction in compliance with DVLA regulation. In tandem with our metal processing operations this form of disposal often generates a value to the customer.

Our demolition services are employed across a wide variety of environments from public premises through to sensitive military installations, engaging in the demolition of every conceivable type of structure. It is not uncommon for buildings to contain hazardous materials whether they are part of the actual building fabric or due to the nature of activity and processes carried out within a building and we are accustomed to and experienced in managing the removal or abatement of such material types.

With global culture moving ever closer to a greener and more environmentally friendly ethos, the demolition industry is fast becoming synonymous with recycling and the reduction of waste production. Nicholson as an organisation have invested in new green technologies, reversing the former trend of depositing waste at landfill. To that effect Nicholson operate a fully licensed Transfer Station that acts as the primary source of operation for the recycling of waste produced and received through each of the business sub-divisions.

To ensure that our facility is maximising the quantity of imported waste products, Nicholson operate a skip hire company that caters to business and individual alike. This service operates predominantly in the west of Scotland though it is not uncommon to provide same service to more remote locations that simply do not have such facilities in their locale.

Contact Info

Balmore House
445 Balmore Road,
Glasgow, G22 6NX

Tel: 0141 336 6065
Fax: 0141 336 5229
Mob: 0788 761 7610

Email: info@enicholson.co.uk


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