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This project involved the demolition of two warehouses and office block down to existing ground bearing slab level whilst overlapping on various construction activities. The works were carried out within a live operational premises and existing operations had to remain fully functional whilst demolition was ongoing. In tandem with our client, KCR Ltd, a sequence of operations had to be established that permitted both our undertaking and the overall client's operations to be carried out with minimal disruption.

A minor asbestos removal operation was carried out by our specialist sub-contractor prior to demolition with further asbestos products being encountered and managed as demolition progressed.

The warehouses comprised of structural steel frames enveloped in brick that carried a multiple layer flat felt roof. Due to the close proximity of occupied private residential properties, the warehouses were demolished in a manner that utilised the existing structure as a means of containing dust inevitably generated through demolition.

The site maintained its own power supply with various high voltage cables requiring isolation and diversion in order to facilitate the demolition works. Said operations were undertaken by our client, KCR Ltd, as part of a wider scope to neatly close off all other avenues between structures to be demolished and structures that were to remain.

Within one of the warehouses there was a large reinforced concrete mezzanine floor that was supporting to sections of the external walls. This area and the majority of the warehouse that bordered the remaining operational section of the premises required a significant amount of manual demolition works to eliminate any risk of falling debris or controlled collapse affecting the clients operations.

All waste materials arising through demolition were disposed or recycled off site to minimise the on site duration.

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