Asbestos Removal & Disposal Services

The removal and abatement of asbestos containing materials regularly forms part of the demolition process with this material type known to be hazardous by nature and as such requires special consideration.

Prior to engaging the act of demolition, all known asbestos containing materials require removal under strictly controlled procedures or where feasible and appropriate, the materials are encapsulated to prevent fibre release.

To that end our demolition operatives are trained in the removal of asbestos material not subject to licensed activity. Where the identified materials necessitate removal under license we utilise our partnering specialist asbestos removal contractors.

The purpose of this separation is twofold: -

To ensure that asbestos containing materials that can be removed without license are done so with minimal impact to project schedules.

To provide reassurance to clients that this high profile hazardous material is being managed by persons dedicated to this type of removal.

Supplementary to the process of asbestos removal or abatement we provide disposal services for asbestos waste. The provision of appropriate waste containers is managed through our Skip Hire division which is detailed under a separate heading within our range of services.

For guidance and health and safety considerations when encountering this type of material we refer you to the Health & Safety Executive’s dedicated website .

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