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Nicholson (Contracts) is a solutions and customer satisfaction orientated company where each project is afforded the time, effort, enthusiasm and attention to provide reassurance to our clients that we work with them and not just for them. Operating compact and highly experienced demolition crews we regularly seek to engage in specialist demolition works that involves more than just razing buildings to the ground.

Modern legislation often does not adequately accommodate features that are unique to the demolition industry. This is largely due to the fact that we engage in the demolition of structures that pre-date current legislation, that were built using methods no longer employed and that contain material types now outlawed in this day and age. This is where knowledge and experience count most and we at Nicholson (Contracts) deliver this whilst ensuring that all Health & Safety and Environmental Management is in accordance with current regulation and legislation.

Nicholson (Contracts) are fully committed to the reduction of waste material disposed at landfill sites through a combination of salvage and reclamation and the development of our recycling facilities and Waste Transfer Station at our head office premises . Waste that cannot be suitably segregated, re-used or recycled on site are transported to our Waste Transfer Station for further processing. There are many companies that purport to recycle or divert in excess of 90% of waste material from any given structure. Whilst this percentage could feasibly be achieved in some instances, it cannot be applied generally. Nicholson (Contracts) will provide pre-contact assessment to our clients detailing which elements of the structure can be appropriately managed without diverting to landfill and we will submit a waste recovery index upon completion of the works and once all waste disposal information specific to the project can be collated.

With the recent introduction of modern apprenticeship schemes developed by the industry and for the industry we seek to promote and introduce young operatives to a field of expertise that is comparative to no other.

Technological advances in recent years has improved the capabilities of demolition companies and is commensurate with the skills and capabilities of our human resource.

Please review our Projects section which is demonstrable of our capabilities and past endeavours. As is often said, pictures can paint a thousand words.


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