End Of Life Vehicles

Highly Competitive Prices For Scrap Vehicles
When it comes to recycling vehicles, we're the leaders in our field: driving up recycling rates and data management. Our long-term, loyal suppliers know they get the best prices and service from Nicholson’s

Following the completion of ID checks, we take your vehicle from you, take care of the paperwork and de-register the vehicle with the relevant authorities.

Specialist facilities
Nicholson’s have a network of purpose-built de-pollution rigs called Approved Treatment Facilities (ATFs) where ELVs are handled in the most environmentally responsible manner, in line with legislation. We extract all the operating fluids, and remove batteries, wheels and hazardous parts.


  • Competitive Prices
  • ELV's De-Polluted Responsibly
  • All Paperwork Taken Care Of
  • Scrapping your car could not be much easier and simpler. Call us now on 0141 336 6065


European Legislation dictates that a specific process must be followed when disposing of an End of Life Vehicle. There are many companies who want your scrap car and will offer free collection. Not all of them are Authorised Treatment Facilities – Not all of them hold Waste Transfer Licences. One way of checking is to ask for a License Number.

Contact Info

Balmore House
445 Balmore Road,
Glasgow, G22 6NX

Tel: 0141 336 6065
Fax: 0141 336 5229
Mob: 0788 761 7610

Email: info@enicholson.co.uk


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