Waste Management

Nicholson Waste Management offers a comprehensive waste management service within the city of Glasgow and the surrounding areas, to both public and private sectors, individuals and organizations alike.

This service is commonly associated with recycling although waste management entails the collection, transport, recovery and disposal of waste, including the supervision of such operations and after-care of disposal sites. It should not be confused with recycling which is the actual process through which materials are recovered and made suitable for re-use and/or diverted from landfill.

With emphasis now being placed on everyone to be mindful of both waste generation and waste disposal, Nicholson Waste Management provide an avenue that allows your waste to be appropriately managed with relevant documentation being supplied for proof of disposal and a breakdown provided of the materials that were recycled or re-used. The production of such information commonly forms part of our clients own ‘waste strategy’ and ‘environmental sustainability plans’, facilitating the generation of more accurate information.

We currently manage all dry waste types, list provided below, and partner with specialist disposal and recycling facilities to accommodate any other irregular or uncommon waste types. Furthermore, we do not operate a minimum disposal fee and indeed we are happy to accept waste in small quantities whether it be from a sole trader, self employed tradesmen or member of the public.

Waste Accepted

Paper & Cardboard
All Metals
Plasterboard and Gypsum based products
Green Waste

Several of the waste types above can potentially generate a value to our customers, particularly metals, and we encourage all our clients to analyse their waste production and submit the information to us to determine whether a revenue in lieu of cost can be achieved.

Our waste management facilities are supplemented by our skip hire division which is detailed more thoroughly elsewhere on this site.

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Tel: 0141 336 6065
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Email: info@enicholson.co.uk


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